Admission Procedures

The Chair for Dutch Studies offers three recently re-accredited bachelor programmes:

  • Praktická nizozemská filologie (Practical Dutch Philology) – one subject degree (the student studies Dutch only – practical orientation)
  • Praktická nizozemská filologie (Practical Dutch Philology) – two subject degree (the student studies Dutch together with another degree from the Faculty of Arts. It is necessary to announce the desired combination in the application form. Knowledge of Czech (or Slovak) is compulsory!
  • Nizozemský jazyk, literatura a kultura ve středoevropském kontextu (Dutch Language, Literature and Culture in a Central European Context) - one subject degree (multiple-degree study programm)

General information on admission procedures may be found on the faculty website. Important information for applicants – our Faculty has its own admission test, Test studijních předpokladů. This test is in Czech. Comprehensive information on admissions and offered study programmes may be found here. A sample admission test may be found here.
Knowledge of Dutch is not necessary for bachelor’s study.
At master’s level the following programmes are offered:

  • Nizozemská filologie (Dutch Philology)- one subject degree (orientation translatology)
  • Nizozemská filologie (Dutch Philology)- two subject degree (orientation linguistics and literature, knowledge of Czech/Slovak necessary)

Applicants for master’s studies should have a valid bachelor’s degree in Dutch or similar. Palacký University acknowledges basically all bachelor’s degrees from the European Union.

Moreover it is necessary to demonstrate a proven of knowledge of Dutch at the level B2/C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference. This may be the certificate Profiel Practische Taalvaardigheid of the Certificaat Nederlands als Vreemde Taal.